facebook knows about

how much facebook knows about you

Want to know, how much facebook knows about you

How one researcher acquired data from 50 million people and facebook was designed to help the personal data of around 50 million users was stolen, how much facebook knows about you  and this was used to influence the 2016 under section presidential elections and this could happen to pretty much anyone, even you that how much facebook knows about you.

See how much facebook knows about you through the general technical tricks.

I am sure you would very much want to know how much facebook knows about you. Hit the drag down button on the right click on setting you will have a number of options on the left.

Close acts. This takes you to the ad preferences page scroll down a bit, click on your information and your categories.  Automated facebook profile creation and sharing with the advertisers for commercial purposes. Now this is the profile facebook has created on you and is sharing with advertisers. it’s quite accurate about your personal life, It will proof that, how much facebook knows about you.

What facebook knows about you?

Facebook also knows that, what kind of tech you use and also what kind of shopping you do. On the very same page, you can also see your interests. In fact facebook breaks it down for you into different categories – like

1- News and entertainment lifestyle

2- Culture and

What facebook say about you to advertisers?

Facebook tells you that you are into millennial to say that woman’s rights, cats and apparently plus size clothing. But something is wrong- like Dadaism.

What facebook knows about you and how much?

You don’t even know what that is. And that’s not all. There is a copy of everything you have ever done on facebook. All your personal is information and activity is archived within you facebook profile. Just go to general settings and you will find the link- To download a copy. Then click on download achieve when you try this, you get a notification and an email within half an hour.

The file is pretty large and has a record of your




You have sent and received and endless list of ads that you have engaged with. Remember these and the photos. It’s like a big chunk of your personal life archived in a folder. That’s actually much more than your mom are your best friend would have ever known about you. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

It just the date that facebook has made available to you. Who knows how much more information they have. So as the saying goes – if you are not paying for the product – you are the product.