Top 5 Questions

Top 5 Questions about pre marriage investigation, Pre Matrimonial investigation

Top 5 Questions about pre marriage investigation

Q.  Why pre marriage investigation of prospective boy/girl is necessary?

Ans.  Pre Marriage Investigation: In the bygone days , marriage alliances were often made through relatives, friends or known people.

Therefore there was absolute transparency regarding the antecedents of the family and subject in question. In todays hi tech world the onus of match fixing has shifted to social media, marriage bureaus and advertisements.

The details of family and boy/girl are posted on the social media and we blindly accept them to be true.

Often having a desire to find the best of partner, exaggerated, misleading and sometimes false information of the family and prospective boy/girl is projected.

The marriage thus solemnized has a false foundation. This leads to acrimonious relations and environment after marriage.

In order to avoid the above unpleasant situation, it is advice able, rather essential, to have pre marriage investigation to verify all facts.

Q.2  Why investigation by a detective agency?

Ans.  Marriage is a very sensitive matter. In case the investigation is done by a non professional there are good chances that it may be compromised. This leaves a bad taste even before the marriage has taken place.

Therefore lit is essential to have the marriage investigation done through a professional.

Q.3 Can critical parameters like character, habits and temperament, relationships, abuse of drugs etc. be revealed in the investigation?

Ans. During the course of investigation, subject is put under surveillance for a couple of days. All the activities of the subject are recorded and we are easily able to deduce the character, habits, temperament etc. of the subject.

Qu.4 Is the pre marriage investigation legal?

Ans. Marriage investigation is all about a relationship of joy or tears. It is absolutely necessary to have the facts verified before marriage rather regretting later on. It is legal to have the facts verified related to the marriage.

Qu.5 Is your fees affordable? What are the charges for this investigation?

Ans. We at AB Detectives, understand the duress and necessity of the investigation with compassion.

We therefore never overcharge. Our fees is absolutely affordable keeping the constraints of client in mind. We assure our fees will be competitive and affordable.