Dangers of Addiction by Social Media

how much facebook knows about you

The dangers of Addiction by Social Media: Much of the technology that threatens our freedom and our dignity in the term future is being developed by companies in the business of capturing and selling our data and attention to advertisers and others.

Social Media

Facebook, Google, Amazon and many of these ad-financed platforms they boast that they are free. In this context, it means that we are the product that’s being sold.

Think of all the data that the Social Media platform Facebook has on you.

Every status update you ever typed, every messenger conversation, every place you logged in form, all the photographs that you uploaded there. If you start typing something and change your mind and delete it, Social Media Facebook keeps these and analysis them, too.

Social Media – Boon or curse

Dangerous of addictionIncreasingly, it tries to match, you with your offline data. It also purposes a lot of data from data brokers. It could be everything from your financial records to a good chunk of your browsing history.

They also encourage deep surveillance on all of us so that the machine learning algorithms can work. That’s why Social Media Facebook wants to collect all the data it can about you.

The algorithms work better. These algorithms can quite easily infer. Things like your ethnicity, religions and political views, personality traits, intelligence, happiness, use of addictive substances, parental separation, age, and genders, just from facebook likes.

Addiction to Social Media- Compromising your privacy

Addiction to Social Media– These algorithms can identify protesters even if their feces are partially concealed. These algorithms may be able to detect people’s sexual, orientation, just from their dating profile pictures.

If the people in power are using these algorithms to quietly watch us, to judge in and to judge us and to manipulate individuals one by one using their personal, individual weakness and vulnerabilities, and if they are doing it at scale through our private screens, that authoritarianism will envelop us like a spider’ web and we may not even know we are in it.

We need a digital economy where our data and our attention is not for sale to the highest bidding authorization or demagogue.


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