Frequently Ask Questions

  • Can we know something about your Agency- Experience & Background

AB Detectives is an ex Army organization having its presence for the past 25 years. It’s headed by Major Ashok Bhalla an Ex Army officer. Our investigators are drawn from various agencies, cyber experts, and forensic qualified personnel.  Notwithstanding their background, we insist on on-the-job training to sharpen their skills as also to acquaint them with the latest technological equipment. AB Detectives is PAN India as we have presence and associates in all major cities.  We also take certain category of cases from other countries.

  • Will my information be kept secret and confidential?

Confidentiality and secrecy is the fundamental premise that we work upon. All information provided by you and our findings are absolutely confidential to the extent that even the investigators on the ground do not know who the client is. Information is decimated on the need to know basis. At any stage of the investigation, if we feel that we will be compromised, we stop the investigation and change our strategies.

  • Do I have to visit your office to initiate the investigation?

It all depends upon your convenience. Our office is located in Connaught Place, with easy access from all parts of Delhi. A meeting at our office will initiate the process. You may also  provide us the details on  phone or through E- mail. You may call our representative at a designated place of your convenience to hold a meeting.


  • What would be the time span for completion of the case?

This depends on the nature and complexity of the case. We may be able to give you a realistic time frame after discussing the details of the case with you. It may take days, weeks or months depending on your requirements and evidence to be collected.

  • How can I be sure about the authenticity of your findings?

Most of the findings will have attachments of Audio/ Video clippings which will speak for themselves. However, there will be a minuscule percentage of findings where there may not be any evidence. But definitely, if some findings are supported with facts, it’s logical that others too will be authentic.

  • Could you give some idea about how much will be the cost?

Our fees for carrying out the investigation is based upon the efforts and man hours that we have to deliberate. Also, there will be other expenses like travel etc. It is imperative that we discuss the case at length to arrive at a competitive and realistic figure. Be rest assured, our fees will be highly competitive.

  • What will be the mode of payment?

You may make the payments through cheque/ Draft/ Cash. Alternatively, you may deposit it in our company account in any branch of our bankers. International payments may be made through wire transfers/ western union.