Want to know, how much facebook knows about you

how much facebook knows about you

How one researcher acquired data from 50 million people and facebook was designed to help the personal data of around 50 million users was stolen, how much facebook knows about you  and this was used to influence the 2016 under section presidential elections and this could happen to pretty much anyone, even you that how much facebook knows about you.

See how much facebook knows about you through the general technical tricks.

 I am sure you would very much want to know how much facebook knows about you. Hit the drag down button on the right click on setting you will have a number of options on the left.

Close acts. This takes you to the ad preferences page scroll down a bit, click on your information and your categories.

Automated facebook profile creation and sharing with the advertisers for commercial purposes.

Now this is the profile facebook has created on you and is sharing with advertisers. it’s quite accurate about your personal life, It will proof that, how much facebook knows about you.

What facebook knows about you?

Facebook also knows that, what kind of tech you use and also what kind of shopping you do. On the very same page, you can also see your interests. 

In fact facebook breaks it down for you into different categories – like

1- News and entertainment lifestyle
2- Culture and

many more…

What facebook say about you to advertisers?

Facebook tells you that you are into millennial to say that woman’s rights, cats and apparently plus size clothing. But something is wrong- like Dadaism.

What facebook knows about you and how much?

You don’t even know what that is. And that’s not all. There is a copy of everything you have ever done on facebook. All your personal is information and activity is archived within you facebook profile. Just go to general settings and you will find the link- To download a copy. Then click on download achieve when you try this, you get a notification and an email within half an hour.

The file is pretty large and has a record of your


You have sent and received and endless list of ads that you have engaged with. Remember these and the photos. It’s like a big chunk of your personal life archived in a folder. That’s actually much more than your mom are your best friend would have ever known about you. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

It just the date that facebook has made available to you. Who knows how much more information they have. So as the saying goes – if you are not paying for the product – you are the product.

Post Matrimonial Investigation Agency in Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Mumbai

Post Matrimonial Investigation Agency in Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Mumbai

In the post Matrimonial Investigation cases Today the urban life style of individuals is moving on a fast track, may it be the professional pressures of targets, time limits and work load or  domestic management of up bring of children and day to day chores.

post matrimonial investigation

All these have caused to create high levels of anxiety, stress and mental pressures.  Unable to cope up with such life style majority of individuals are under duress creating fractures in families.

Why do we need Post Matrimonial Investigation?

post matrimonial investigation-1Also there are instances when either of the partner seeks extra pleasures by getting involved in extra marital affairs.

Under such circumstances it becomes mandatory to hire a professional to help them with post Matrimonial Investigation to dislodge the entanglement if the marriage becomes untenable. In the event of any one partner wishing to dissolve the marriage, again the services of a professional post Matrimonial Investigation becomes handy to collect evidence for a smooth separation to be endorsed by a court of law.

Why court requires Post Matrimonial Investigation evidences for divorce proceedings

post matrimonial investigation-2No court will allow a divorce unless the infidelity or domestic violence is supported by undisputed evidence. This is where our agency comes in picture to gather post Matrimonial Investigation evidances.

Our trained investigators armed with modern equipment get authentic and tangible evidences of infidelity or domestic violence. Thus our services of post Matrimonial Investigation make the long costly and arduous litigation simpler to a good extend.

By the above reasoning one should not presume that we only help in breaking up marriages. There are instances where it is been proved beyond doubt that the friction between partners was merely due to some misunderstanding.

When we bring out the true facts by post Matrimonial Investigation, many misunderstandings disappear bringing back love and harmony in a relationship.

In either of the circumstances, our services of post Matrimonial Investigation are very essential.

Dangerous of Addiction by Social Media

Dangerous of Addiction by Social Media



Dangerous of Addiction by Social Media: Much of the technology that threatens our freedom and our dignity in the term future is being developed by companies in the business of capturing and selling our data and attention to advertisers and others.

Social Media

Facebook, Google, Amazon and many of these ad-financed platforms they boast that they are free. In this context, it means that we are the product that’s being sold.

Think of all the data that Social Media platform Facebook has on you.

Every status update you ever typed, every messenger conversation, every place you logged in form, all the photographs that you uploaded there. If you start typing something and change your mind and delete it, Social Media Facebook keeps these and analysis them, too.

Social Media – Boon or curse

Dangerous of addictionIncreasingly, it tries to match, you with your offline data. It also purposes a lot of data from data brokers. It could be everything from your financial records to a good chunk of your browsing history.

They also encourage deep surveillance on all of us so that the machine learning algorithms can work. That’s why Social Media Facebook wants to collect all the data it can about you.

The algorithms work better. These algorithms can quite easily infer. Things like your ethnicity, religions and political views, personality traits, intelligence, happiness, use of addictive substances, parental separation, age, and genders, just from facebook likes.

Addiction to Social Media- Compromising your privacy

Addiction to Social Media– These algorithms can identify protesters even if their feces are partially concealed. These algorithms may be able to detect people’s sexual, orientation, just from their dating profile pictures.

If the people in power are using these algorithms to quietly watch us, to judge in and to judge us and to manipulate individuals one by one using their personal, individual weakness and vulnerabilities, and if they are doing it at scale through our private screens, that authoritarianism will envelop us like a spider’ web and we may not even know we are in it.

We need a digital economy where our data and our attention is not for sale to the highest bidding authorization or demagogue.