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  • Undercover Operations

    In these Undercover operations, our person is planted into the organization/establishment from where we have to obtain the requisite information. Our persons may be employed in that organisation. During his presence there, he gets first-hand information which is passed on to us. Once we have obtained the required information our person is retrieved as he quits the job.

Why Us

AB Detectives - A name of trust

AB Detectives is the premier source for investigative services, surveillance, information and forgery detection nationwide. AB Detectives was established in 1989 to perform a variety of investigative services to obtain just about any information one may think of on any person or business. We investigate the Identity, Reputation, Conduct, Affiliations, Associations, Movements and Whereabouts of any person including – Employees, Business Partners, Spouses, Debtors, Witnesses, Relatives, Missing Person, Friends, Wards, etc.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Pre matrimonial Investigation & Pre matrimonial Detectives-Inquiries are one among the sensitive Investigations/Detective Services because in today’s surroundings Peoples are becoming married through matrimonial websites.

Post Matrimonial Investigation

Post matrimonial Investigation we will help our clients to find extra-matrimonial affairs of their spouse, tracing of missing aspects, money documentary evidence, character verification, second wedding proof to support to win their court case together with kid custody.


Surveillance is that the covert observation of individuals, places, and vehicles, that enforcement agency, and private detectives use to investigate allegations of unlawful behavior.

Love Affair Investigation

We offer special Investigation services for those peoples after they are in doubts and feel that his/her Boy Friend, Girlfriend, Partner or spouse having an affair/extramarital affair relationship with the other person.